The lighthouse is therefore the most suitable image for a company created by a seafarer such as myself, because my goal is to assist customers and provide them with guidance, protection, stability and foresight in their businesses.

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Company Profile

The goal of Insom&Partners is to provide its customers strategic support during their growth process and protect them from market risks, also thanks to the services offered.

I started this new venture on my own, also thanks to the fact that my previous collaborators and many of the people whom I have met during forty years in the business, when asked what they thought of me, described me as “authentic”. I believe they were referring to my intellectual honesty, knowledge of the real estate world, personality, integrity, sense of responsibility and ability to mediate.

My business experience in the sector is characterized by the creation of two startups: the first in 1992, with Arca Consulenza Immobiliare (a company which is 100% owned by banking cooperatives) as a sole partner; and the second with the English multinational DTZ (listed on the stock exchange) in which I held 40% of the Italian branch, a share that I sold to the very same DTZ in 2007.

I started my business alone in 1999 and by 2007, I had 50 employees. I then led the branch as CEO until 2013. During this period, I was responsible for the group’s investment area that included all of Southern Europe.

Therefore, for me Insom&Partners (of which I am currently the sole owner) is a company in which I can finally make decisions autonomously. The company is for me now, as in the past, a perennial and growing startup, that I created in 2014 and developed as I have always done: by forming young people inside the company and seizing the opportunities that arise, both nationally and internationally.


There are three sectors of my business:

↪ As an independent senior advisor and specialist in the real estate industry. Companies need an industry advisor who knows all aspects of real estate beyond that of institutional advisors.

↪ As a consultancy for the purchase/sale of commercial properties.

↪ In asset management: the strategic management of individual properties or portfolios of properties on behalf of the clients, and managing each property with the goals of optimizing performance in the short and long term and to maximizing their value.

Curriculm Vitae
of Paolo Insom



Research and selection
↪ Monitoring the real estate market
↪ Researching existing investment opportunities
↪ Preliminary screening of opportunities
↪ Selecting investments for further exploration

Preliminary assessment
↪ Contact with the seller
↪ Information collection
↪ Preparation of detailed analysis of the preliminary investment

Management of negotiations
↪ Preparation of draft expressions of interest and conditions with the investor
↪ Management of relations with the seller, leading up to the following phase

Due diligence and monitoring of the procedure
↪ Selection of the company that will carry out the technical due diligence of the property
↪ Collaboration with the due diligence company for the retrieval of the information necessary for their activities
↪ Supporting the investor and the fiscal and legal advisor in order to prepare contractual documentation with the seller
↪ Assistance with notarizing the deed of sale

Asset Management

Analysis of assets/portfolios, identification and implementation of strategies to enhance the value of a single property or a portfolio of properties: from choosing strategies to coordinating sales and marketing to the choosing various service partners.
In essence, providing a team that’s specialized in creating value: from the search for tenants to the monitoring of the enhancement project and the sale.

Structuring Club Deals

Club Deals represent a new form of private equity to overcome the problems of a financial tool that does not grant efficient asset management.

The Club Deal is an as yet little-known form of investment in real estate.
It is a direct investment in individual properties, with the involvement of investors, to form an investment vehicle (SPV).
The Club Deal offers the opportunity to enter into competition with promoters and institutional entities in order to acquire existing properties for renovation or real estate developments.
Thanks to its extensive experience and asset management activity, Insom&Partners can identify real estate opportunities to enhance and offer significant returns to investors.

We provide our know-how in terms of preparation, management, organization and coordination of Club Deals, supporting our clients in making safe real estate investments.
In short, our offer consists of:
↪ Seeking attractive investment opportunities and suitable co-investors
↪ Actively engaging investors
↪ Professional management of Club Deal structures
↪ Coordination of all professionals and activation of investments on behalf of the club
↪ Synergies/networking activities between the members involved in the deal


Independent director

The figure of the independent director was created in the USA at the end of the 1970s, and today there are a significant number of independent directors in Italy.
While independence criteria for listed companies was first established under the Self-Regulatory Code of 1999, the definition is less precise for unlisted companies. The directors of unlisted companies do not pertain to management or act as controlling shareholders.
Insom&Partners offers this service (by personal appointment) to help shareholders improve upon the board of directors’ decisions and, as an excellent mediator, to resolve any shareholder conflicts.
In addition, due to dynamic market developments, entrepreneurs will benefit from pertinent industry knowledge, solid real estate expertise and a valuable network of contacts that can facilitate new opportunities.



Corso Venezia, 45
20121 Milano


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